Harvest of the Month

Connecting local schools to local foods.

What is Harvest of the Month

Harvest of the Month is designed to link schools with produce grown in Louisiana, CLEDA works to connect your HOM program to produce that is grown as close to your community as possible. Fresh, flavorful, and good for the economy too; HOM links local food and farms to local families through your school food service program. 

Apply now to implement Harvest of the Month at your school! 

How HOM Works:

Whenever funding is available, CLEDA will promote an application period, during which schools that don’t have a HOM program may apply to participate. This will be advertised as widely as possible, and will give schools a chance to learn about the program.
Interested schools apply by the deadline.
CLEDA will notify schools within a reasonable timeframe; please keep in mind that availability depends on funding.
School food service staff will notify their existing produce distributors of the HOM program and upcoming needs.
CLEDA staff will meet with you and your team to discuss the process, review the tool-kit, and plan for next steps.
As soon as you and your distributor are ready:
Plan your monthly HOM produce items.
Let the teachers know what’s coming up and send the letter to parents/caregivers home with students.
At a minimum, HOM items must be grown in Louisiana; but by working with your distributor you will likely be able to find produce grown much closer to your community. This toolkit includes resources to help your distributor work with you to make this happen.
There are educational materials for 16 commonly gown in Louisiana produce items; we suggest you start with these items, but it isn’t required. If there is an item that you would like to see materials developed for, please let CLEDA know, we will do our best.
Monthly reports are due to CLEDA staff to document program impacts and needs. These reports are crucial to helping us sustain the HOM program and we appreciate your timely submission of reports.

For more information, contact Bahia Nightengale at bnightengale@cenla.org or 318.441.3408.

The Central Louisiana Harvest of the Month program is funded through a Healthy Behaviors Program Grant from The Rapides Foundation.

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