Maker Mornings

Maker Mornings is a quarterly speaker series connecting and inspiring makers of all types from across Central Louisiana.

Making! It’s a vital part of Central Louisiana. 

Who are MAKERS? 

MAKERS are people and companies that create things & ideas. MAKERS are: builders, artists, manufacturers, storytellers, chefs, fabricators, restaurateurs, suppliers, thinkers, and doers! 

According to AdWeek, the maker movement is the umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers. A convergence of computer hackers and traditional artisans, the niche is established enough to have its own magazine, Make, as well as hands-on Maker Fairs that are catnip for DIYers who used to toil in solitude. Makers tap into an American admiration for self-reliance and combine that with open-source learning, contemporary design and powerful personal technology like 3-D printers. The creations, born in cluttered local workshops and bedroom offices, stir the imaginations of consumers numbed by generic, mass-produced, made-in–China merchandise.

CLEDA builds on this concept, adding that the manufacturers of today are MAKERS - innovating to stay competitive and creating value across the landscape.

Throughout 2017, CLEDA will be highlighting many of the exceptional MAKERS in central Louisiana. 

Register your MAKER business, or nominate someone you know, and let us tell your story across the state and nation! 

Join us on Tuesday, August 15th from 4:30pm to 6:00pm for our next Maker Mornings event! Register now for this special Happy Hour Edition of Maker Mornings.


The August 15th event will be held at The Gem in downtown Alexandria and feature a keynote address from the owners of Lavender Falls, a working lavender farm based in the Vernon Parish town of Hornbeck. 

Bonnie and Kurt Brochhausen will share their plans to transform their lavender farm into one of the first agritourism destinations in Central Louisiana. The Brochhausens started growing lavender on their 140-acre farm in Hornbeck in 2014. They currently sell their handmade lavender bath, body and beauty products online and at events in Louisiana and Texas. Their future plans are to turn Lavender Falls into a working farm where tourists can walk through lavender fields, cut fresh lavender flowers and shop for products at an on-site store. Their plans could have an economic impact on the region, Kurt said.
He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their goals and not give up. “An entrepreneur already is an out-of-the-box kind of person. You have to have that kind of mentality. To be honest, the jury was out for a while on the lavender. I didn’t know if we could do it,” he said. “You’ve got to be able to make a quality product that people want, and then you have to figure out how to get it to them. We’re making good products and sharing the experience. There’s definitely a demand for that.”

Maker Mornings is free, but registration is encouraged. Learn more and register by clicking here. For more information about Maker Mornings, contact Dean at 318-441-3424.
To learn more about Lavender Falls and to see the product line, visit

Maker Mornings is a quarterly event the Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance launched in 2015 to bring local makers together to unlock their creative potential. The event is free of charge and includes light food and beverages. 

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